We have a hot water boiler. After being told many times that central air was impossible with the system that we have, I was ready to give up. While walking around at the Sheboygan county fair, I saw All American on display and saw they were right up the road from my house. I figured I would ask, expecting a negative response. Travis told me that I could get a ductless system like the one he had on display, plus I could use it for heat in the winter. First thought in my head was SCAM!!! No way can one unit heat and cool. In the middle of winter, the boiler went out, and I called Travis for help to get it started. He talked me through bleeding the lines over the phone. Yeah, Heat. After another summer of lugging the window units in and out, and having bugs sneak in from the window gaps, I decided to give him a call. He told me I could heat and cool my whole house with these units for much less cost that firing up the boiler. Mid October the units were installed and in prime heating season, I was spending less than $20 a month to keep my house comfortable. I used less than half of the heating oil than in past winters. Now summer came, and I do not have the heavy window units to lug in and out of the windows and with the push of a button, there is cool air blowing in the house. Travis and team were very patient to deal with me learning the system and working out the glitches. I recommend them to any one that asks for a furnace guy. As an added bonus, Travis is ex-military so you know he is dependable, hard working, and trustworthy.

Chris Bast Pannier
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